Staying In For Halloween?

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Halloween this year looks a bit different for some due to the effects of COVID-19. A lot of parents are considering the idea of staying home instead of trick-or-treating. While this may not be as exciting for the kiddos, we have a few fun activities they can do at home on Halloween that are interactive and involve CANDY!


  • 8-15 Plastic Cups
  • Orange Paper (or Tissue Paper)
  • Rubber Bands
  • Hot Glue Gun/Super Glue (Parents use only)
  • Poster Board or Cardboard
  • CANDY!!


  1. First, arrange your cups on your board in the shape of a pumpkin and fill with prizes! We would recommend not putting anything too heavy in the cups because the board will be turned sideways and you don’t want the paper to rip with the weight of heavy prizes.
  2. Next cut your paper into squares that are a little larger than your cups. Place on top of the cups and use a rubber band to secure the paper onto the cup. (Another Option: You can glue the paper onto the cups instead of using rubber bands)
  3. After this, you will want to glue your cups to your board. Hot glue or super glue will work.
  4. OPTIONAL: Get your paint on! Paint on the board a stem and some vines around the “pumpkin” and make sure to label your game! (We used sharpies instead of paint)
  5. You can use this as a fun game for Halloween or even use it as a reward for good behavior or choirs.


  • 10 White Paper Cups
  • Sharpie
  • Ball


  1. Collect all 10 white paper cups (If you do not have white cups, you can always paint plastic cups white or just have “colorful ghosts”. Use what you have!)
  2. Draw ghosts faces on each cup with a black sharpie. Feel free to get creative with the faces. Make them happy, silly, mad.. whatever you feel like.
  3. Stack the cups on top of each other with 4 layers. 4 on the bottom, 3 on the next layer, 2 on top of that and then 1 on the very top.
  4. Have each child stand 4-5 feet away from the stacked cups
  5. Using whatever ball you choose, have them try to roll the ball at the stack of cups and knock them all down. (Anything will work, from foam balls to bouncing balls and so on)
  6. You can choose how much candy to give them for how many they knock down. (Candy Optional)


  • Orange Balloons
  • Sharpie
  • Green Paper
  • Tape
  • CANDY!!


  1. Before you inflate the balloons, add a piece of candy inside each balloon.
  2. Inflate the balloon and tie it off.
  3. Draw a pumpkin face on the balloon.
  4. Add a bit of green paper to the top of the balloon.
  5. “Hide” all the balloons around the house and then have your child “seek” each ballon out. Once they find them all, they can pop them to see what candy is inside.


  • White Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Black Paper


  1. Paint the inside of each child’s hand with white paint.
  2. Have them keep their fingers closed together and press their hand down on the black paper, then lift up carefully.
  3. Let the paint dry.
  4. Once the white paint is dry, have each child paint a ghost face on the hand print with black paint.
  5. OPTIONAL: Repeat this process with footprints instead of handprints.

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