Enrichment Programs

The gardening program offered here is taught by our on-staff gardening teacher of 25 plus years. In this program our students are taught how to nurture, grow, and maintain a variety of different vegetables, herbs, and plants.

In our Spanish program we have our instructor go from room to room introducing our youth to the wonders of Spanish. During this portion of class no English is spoken whatsoever. Implementing the words, sounds, and music of the Spanish Language and the countries that speak it.

Gym is our physical fitness class held twice a week. We have an instructor come in and they go through a sports based curriculum, introducing a new sport every week. Our students get to explore the correct movements and positions of a variety of sports. As well as a basic introduction to physical exercise. It is their designated time during the day to get their bodies moving and to try new things.

S- Science

T- Technology

E- Engineering

A- Arts

M- Mathematics

S.T.E.A.M. is our play based learning program. Applying imagination to the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics to foster a well-rounded approach to learning.

Each week we have our on-staff Music Teacher come to conduct music and movement classes in every room. Exposing our students from ages infant and up to the various types of instruments and sounds.

We partner with Creative Movement and StudioGO in order to offer our dance programs. Which include: Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Ballet-Tap, and Hip-Hop Tots. We have a professional dance instructor come to our center once a week to conduct practice. With an annual recital at the end of the school year.

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“Fun and interactive learning through soccer!” 

Kids ‘n’ Kicks visits our center once a week to conduct 30-minute soccer practices. Through soccer, our students work on their listening skills and balance. This particular class is grouped by general age so it serves as a great way for our students to build connections with those in different classes.

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