Ms. Wendy

Assistant Teacher

Favorite Book: When I was a little girl, my mother gifted me a DK children’s book about world history. To this day, I cherish my beautiful book, and credit it for helping me develop a lifelong interest in ancient Egypt and Greco-Roman civilizations.

What animal would you be and why? Animals are spiritually enriching but, if I could choose to live like one, it would be a pegasus. How nice would it be to take flight and be a symbol of wisdom and immortality? If only the myth were true.

Favorite Hobby: When I am not teaching preschoolers, I am teaching myself. I am naturally inquisitive and need constant mental stimulation.

More About Me: I played three musical instruments in my youth. Beginning with the violin (age 8), followed by the clarinet (age 12), and later the piano (age 17). I miss those days, so I am taking steps to retrain myself to play once more.