“We love this school! My boys have thrived and learned so much during their time at PRLP. The teachers are amazing and most have been here many many years. It’s truly a loving community that feels like family. Highly recommend!”

“With our many children we have been at 4 different preschools in the area as our need have changed but this was by far my favorite. The warmth and caring provided her and attention to really teaching the kids is just wonderful. They can prepare kids to go to the best schools in Atlanta and the teachers are genuinely loving.”

“My daughter has attended PRLP for 2 years and is just finishing up the Pre-K program. PRLP is the type of place you would expect, with caring teachers and a learning environment that frankly has exceeded my expectations. At 5, my daughter is spelling and doing simple math—she is also in the early stages of learning to read.  She is going to be in a good position going into Kindergarten as a result of the curriculum & overall approach at PRLP. Moreover, PRLP does all the little things well, like providing organic food from a chef and healthy snacks.  The school is very organized and the management seems to have a kindness about them that trickles down to the teachers and ultimately the students. I would highly recommend PRLP to anyone looking for a pre-school.  I am so happy with the experience my daughter received and will miss PRLP!”

“Our Pre-K experience at PRLP was fantastic, The caring administrative team welcomed us from day one and was always promptly available to assist when needed, and it was great to meet and interact with so many friendly families in our community. We feel very grateful for our son’s teachers, as they always provided a welcoming learning environment complete with developmental enrichment, positive encouragement and attentive feedback. Having a four year old come home with daily adoration for his instructors, reciting all 50 states & capitals from memory and speaking/singing Chinese really blew us away. We couldn’t be happier with his progress over the past year and a half, as we feel that he is well prepared for his foray into Kindergarten and we thank the staff at PRLP for their dedication to the success of their young students.”