Welcome to The Infant Cottage at Peachtree Road Lutheran Preschool!

Here at PRLP, we have developed and created a wonderful infant care program that focuses on the daily development of our babies in a warm and family-like environment. We work with each family to ensure a smooth and happy transition from home to our classrooms.

Our 2023-2024 Infant Classrooms are FULL! To join our waitlist or to get further information, please email us at admin1@myprlp.com

Each day here at the infant cottage.. Our babies are encouraged to use all 5 senses! 


We communicate with each parent daily about feedings and food schedules for each child. Once they are a bit older.. We start offering a wonderful meal plan that is prepared by our professional chef.. in a state of the art kitchen. 


Once a week.. We have a professional music teacher come to each classroom and introduce new sounds and types of music to our curious bunch! Teachers also sing and play fun music daily in each classroom. 


Each class features many sensory-oriented toys and books. Our amazing teachers also have a curriculum that stimulates their sense of adventure and fun! 


Here at PRLP, we are dedicated to providing a clean environment for all of our babies. Classrooms are cleaned daily. We wash sheets, bibs, toys and more.. every single night. Each classroom is also cleaned by a professional cleaning company every night. This ensures that our infants are coming into a clean and fresh classroom every single morning!  


We display many colorful things in each classroom and have toys dedicated to familiarizing our little ones to all types of colors and movements. 

Here at The infant Cottage.. We are dedicated to providing a loving, friendly and happy environment! From nap times to feeding to playtime.. We assure every baby is being taken care of with compassion and thoughtfulness!

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