JULY 4TH – Let’s Celebrate!!

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Happy 4th of July from PRLP! As we celebrate our Independence as a nation, we wanted to share some fun activities that are perfect for the family to do together! God Bless America!

FUN FOOD VIDEO: Chef Roger – American Flag Snack

BOOK: Red, White and Boom!

GAME: Scavenger Hunt

CRAFT: Fork Fireworks

Supplies Needed:

  • Red Paint
  • Blue Paint
  • White Paper
  • Forks

(You can also use black paper and add white paint for a more bold effect for the fireworks)


  • There really is no wrong way to do this fun and easy craft.
  • Lay out the paint, paper and forks for each child to use.
  • Take one fork at a time and dip the back of the fork into one color of paint.
  • TIP – Have one fork for each color of paint so the colors don’t mix together too much.
  • Starting at the center of where the child wants the firework to start, press the fork down and drag outwards.
  • Do this several times in each direction with different colors.

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